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In the early 90s Todd Duane and Lale Larson performed a series of highly popular and virtuoso gigs throughout Europe as well as recording several instrumentals together, including 'Schizoid' (featured on Guitar on the Edge No. 4) and 'Double Delight'. After years of planning the time was finally right for Todd and Lale, together with ace drummer Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Time Requiem) to combine forces and record a CD.

The recording Electric Cartoon Music From Hell sounds like nothing you have ever heard before. This trio plays a mixture of instrumental rock, fusion, thrash metal and jazz. But most of all, this album will remind you of all those old ´Looney Tune` cartoons you saw as a kid. Enjoy these 38 minutes of pure entertainment.

Prepare yourself for a force 10, unrestrained and unstoppable hurricane of musical excess and virtuosity. E-250 is here!

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